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Sopro Dentist Dr Paul Schmidt 
DDS Saginaw MI SOPRO 717 FIRST - Intra-Oral Camera

The SOPRO 717 First has great depth of field which means Dr. Schmidt can obtain a sharp image in seconds no matter what mode is chosen. The perfect illumination is achieved by eight LEDs. The SOPRO 717 First has the major advantage of macro-vision. It goes far beyond the limits of the human eye, giving Dr. Schmidt a magnified view of up to 115 times.

Benefits of the SOPRO 717 First:
  • Image magnification up to 115 times in Macro mode
  • Exceptional quality of image
  • A successful image capture thanks to SOPROTOUCH
  • Perfect integration option into the dental chair
  • Compatibility with a video screen and/or a computer

  • SOPROLIFE - Caries Detection and Intra- Oral Camera

    The SOPROLIFE allows Dr. Schmidt to see what was once invisible to the nake eye. It offers him the ability to detect tooth decay at different stages of its development allowing him to determine the most effective course of treatment. The auto fluorescence technology in the SOPROLIFE allows Dr. Schmidt to detect occlusal or interproximal decay - even in its earliest stages - which can often be missed by x-rays and other devices. During treatment, the SOPROLIFE allows Dr. Schmidt to clearly differentiate healthy tissue from infected tissue in order to excavate the affected areas.

    With the SOPROLIFE Dr. Schmidt can gain greater accuracy in identifying, evaluating and determining the location of a carious lesion with image magnifications of 30 to 100x. The diagnosis and treatment proposal time will be greatly increased. The fluorescent imagery of the SOPROLIFE surpasses the limits of digital radiology in the detection of lesions in hard tissues.
    Clear differentiation of disease versus healthy tissue will allow Dr. Schmidt to make precised preparations that are less invasive and more complete prior to filling. For prosthetic treatments, the quality of the tissues can be assured before the final sealing of the restorations. In addition,

    • The history of a lesion can be documented and changes in its development can guide Dr. Schmidt treatment
    • The extent of exerosis can be monitored to avoid pulp damage, avoiding unnecessary procedures
    • The permanence of the treatment can be assured, preserving your teeth
    • Assure the longevity of prosthetic treatments, promoting your comfort and confidence

    Visit Acteon to learn more about the SOPRO 717 FIRST and SOPROLIFE.


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